Watermelon! Dead Bars! Pandemix! Baricade! More!

Everytime I post here, I think I make mention of how bad I am at updating the site. And here I am again. There are so many other parts of running a label that I like better and am better at than “blogging” but I guess I should post her every so ofter just to ensure you that we’re still very active and this site is still the official Dirt Cult site.

Today we put up pre-orders for the debut Watermelon LP that will be out in June

Pandemix – Love is Obliteration and Baricade – Apocalypse Joyride 12″ are still up for preorder and I’m hoping to be in a place to ship them in a few weeks. I have print – just waiting for records.

We released a cool tape by Dead Bars. We’ll actually it’s a mix tape with Dead Bars songs as well as a bunch of songs from The Dead Bars Universe (the DBU).

We’ve got new releases from Taxi Girls and Dead Years coming up and are showing no real signs of slowing down.

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