4 new releases (The Pretty Flowers LP, Hard Feelings LP, Chain Whip 7″, and Character Actor 7″)

Another busy month for Dirt Cult! We’ve got four more releases out now!

The Pretty Flowers – Why Trains Crash LP
On their debut LP, Why Trains Crash, The Pretty Flowers continue in the tradition of bands like Superchunk who blurred the lines between punk and indie rock. While the band is too “indie” for studded belt crowd and a bit too gritty for the average indie rocker, they’ll be a welcome respite for those who have little use for the boxes genres can create.
A crunch ‘n punch snarl of guitar-frothed heaven as barbed and biting as it is moody and melancholic, Why Trains Crash bursts out of the gate with lead single “Cream of Canvas,” a song that sneers, smirks, and sighs its way through the entirety of The Pretty Flowers’ sonic palette. Featuring four minutes of razor-wire guitars winding through rollercoaster rhythms while candied harmonies rub shoulders and bump hips with lyricism by turns wistful and sardonic, “Cream of Canvas” is The Pretty Flowers condensed to their floor-stomping essence.
A union of current and former members of The Henry Clay People, The Breakups, Jungle Jungle, and Shirley Rolls, THE PRETTY FLOWERS are a Rubik’s Cube of L.A. indie staples: Noah Green (guitar/ vocals), Sam Tiger (bass), Jake Gideon (guitar/ producer),a dn Sean Johnson (drums). Dubbed “a true treasure of Los Angeles” by Razorcake, the Pretty Flowers are now set to follow their 7” EP, My Alchemist, and 7” single, “Inconsiderate Dreams,” with the release of the 12-song Why Trains Crash on June 22, 2018.

Hard Feelings – Side Ways LP
Five years after their debut LP “Swell”, Hard Feelings return with “Side Ways”- an album boasting a more honed craft of their brand of twangy yet heavy melodic punk. Despite Duluth Minnesota being nowhere near “the region”, Hard Feelings carry the definitive Southern “region rock” torch with not only an obvious Midwestern accent (see: Frozen Teens, Dillinger Four) but also reminiscent of California– for fans of Hickey, The Bananas, Sexy, Tulsa, Dory Tourette & The Skirtheads. “Side Ways” makes you feel like you’re in a sweaty basement in the coldest part of the country. Hopeless yet optimistic.

Character Actor – S/T 7″
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CHARACTER ACTOR (Jeff Schroeck – Vocals/Guitar; Evan Kiel – Bass; Brian Gorsegner – Drums) is the result of three old friends living in close proximity and entering fatherhood within a relatively short span of time. With Jeff’s and Brian’s bands (The Ergs!, Night Birds, Black Wine) in varying stages of hibernation, the two shared a much needed weekly escape to the garage to write some loud, fuzzy pop songs. Evan joined on bass, and the quintessential dad-rock project was born. Soon after, the band recorded, this, their 4-song debut, a 4 song EP.

Chain Whip – S/T 7″
This new Canadian outfit blast out a genuinely superior hardcore punk style, with roared vocals, surprisingly tasty guitar and non-stop, relentless energy. While the sound is agreeably raw and direct, Chain Whip eschew faceless thrash blur in favour of real songs, making for a tough but memorable assault in the finest tradition of early DOA, Really Red and Toxic Reasons. – Simon Harvey (Ugly Things/Ugly Pop Records)
Chain Whip features members of Fashionism, Corner Boys and Nervous Talk. 7″ is a co-release with Neon Taste Records (Canada)

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