HOLY UPDATES!!! Maniac – Dead Dance Club LP, Dark/Light – Dark Slash Light 7″, Future Girls – Motivation Problems tape, Era Bleak – Demo tape, Pandemix – Rank & File 7″, Marriage Material – Making the Worry Worth It Part 1 7″

Well, we’ve been super busy over here. We’ve got several releases to share with you!

Maniac – Dead Dance Club LP
Dead Dance Club, is Maniac‘s second album, ! The band is comprised of members who are/were in Clorox GirlsCute LepersThe GirlsImagesL.A. Drugz, and Red Dons. The record features twelve new tracks that snap and bop by like any high quality vintage LA and Pacific Northwest punk but without any sense of nostalgia or fetish for a particular scene. This is a split release with Hovercraft Records. There are 100 limited edition red copies of which we have less than 50 so act fast!
Check out “City Lights” from the record on Spotify 

The release date is June 1st, but records are shipping to arrive on or before that date)
Buy vinyl HERE

Dark/Light – Dark Slash Light 7″

Dark/Light plays dirty garage punk with post-punk vibes that’s dark, looming, pissed the fuck off, and howling at the moon like a maniac. The band features  members of The Triggers, Clorox Girls, The Observers, Steel Chains, The Chemicals, Sleepwalker’s R.i.P., Steel Chains, Defect Defect, Coldbringer, and too many more Portland bands to mention. Carrying the pillars of anti-social Portland punk, Dark/Light’s music feels like a celebration of rebellion against the gentrifying city that’s indistinguishable from the one the members cut their teeth in.

The release date is June 1st, but records are shipping to arrive on or before that date)
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Future Girls – Motivation Problems tapea3409613523_16
Future Girls started in 2015 as a songwriting outlet for Matty Grace (Fat Stupids, Weekend Dads). Later that year, she recruited Heather Grant (Crossed Wires), Dewayne Shanks (Crossed Wires, Botfly) and Coleman Johnston (The Scoop Outs) to fill out the band.
“Motivation Problems” is the debut full length from the band. Self described as “Bummer Punk.” It balances lyrical themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographic isolation with sonic elements drawn from college rock and pop punk similar to Superchunk, Measure (SA), and Tenement.

The release date is June 1st, but tapes are shipping to arrive on or before that date)
Buy the tape HERE

Era Bleak – Demo tape
7 songs of quintessential Portland punk from members of Dark/Light and Piss Test. Angular, energetic, and a little bit snotty, Era Bleak sounds like just about what you would expect if you were to meld the sounds of the members’ aforementioned bands. This is an incredibly solid debut!

Buy the tape HERE

Pandemix – Rank & File 7a1737692132_10_900xSongs recorded at the same session as the band’s debut “Scale Models of Atrocities” 12” released last year on Boss Tunage Records. Set-list mainstay “Rank & File” finally makes an appearance, taking on white silence and complicity in racialized police violence while offering some of ‘Demix’s darkest, catchiest, songwriting yet. “Second Opinion” take the listener to many different musical vistas, all anchored by an indelible, intense chorus and a pervading sense of paranoia. This single can function as a stunning companion piece to the 12”, or a perfect entry-point for the uninitiated.

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Marriage Material – Making the Worry Worth It Part 1 7″Marriage_Material_cover_900xThe crushed dreams, failed relationships, and lost opportunities all happened. Gotta move on and focus on something that makes you feel like your life is worth living. Gotta make the worry worth it. Life is stressful, fight the angry little troll inside of you trying to tell you you’re too old to go to shows and get excited about new bands. Marriage Material’s sound is the reflection of their personal taste in the many diverse sounds that punk has to offer. Bands that get brought up at band practice include like Hot Snakes, Fleshies, Radioactivity, Wire, and Toys That Kill.

Buy vinyl HERE

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