Inject the Light – The Apocalypse is Boring and Modern Cynics – Auditory Postcards cassettes out in February

Two quarantine tapes are being pressed and should ship by mid-February (if not sooner). We’ve also have a preorder bundle for a bit cheaper if you want to grab both and save a few bucks

Inject the Light – The Apocalypse is Boring Cassette
After an evening of masking up and walking around the neighborhood while listening to Killed by Death comps, Chris Mason (Dirt Cult Records, Low Culture, Macho Boys) retreated to the basement to write and record 5 snotty punk songs reflecting on the current state of the world.
Originally released digitally in May of 2020, we’re releasing a physical version because, even though everything has changed, the pandemic is still with us and has only gotten worse, Though some of these songs poke fun of anti-maskers and conspiracy theorists, the blame for our current state of affairs falls primarily on those in power who have spread mistruth and lies. They’ve amplified these conspiracy theories and disregarded science under the false guise of liberty, while their intentions are truly motivated by profit over people.

Cassette Preorder here
Bandcamp link here

Modern Cynics – Auditory Postcards
Your first problem was demanding some sort of rationale behind Modern Cynics. That’s pre-pandemic thinking. The core conceit’s easy enough: tight little punk songs that (with a single exception) stick to less than a dozen unique words. Under that thumb, we find Matty Grace, twisting, bending over backwards, stripped of the lyrical toolkit that powers her folk-punk ventures. Why though? Why suffer such an arbitrary constraint? Tedium. Boredom. Lockdown. Auditory Postcards is a unique product of 2020. Here’s an artist, cut off at the knees from supporting her painstakingly crafted Rumination Year (released in the spring – oops). Unable to safely pull the rest of Future Girls into a practice space. Stuck. Isolated. Four walls in Halifax – day in, day out. Twelve words or less? Why the fuck not? What else do you have to do? It needs no explanation. We were all in the same boat. You did what you had to do to keep your demons at bay. Despite these limits, Auditory Postcards can still throw you for a loop. The shortest songs, some under 20 seconds, are never throwaways. They’re exercises in economy, but hardly haphazard. Out of necessity Grace experiments with repetition, along the way uncovering these wistful minimalist mantras that even the most devoted Ramones LARPers never seem to nail. Modern Cynics arose to fill a void, an outlet that’s perhaps a little less self-destructive than the others. Auditory Postcards from a time and place we’d prefer to have avoided, but we’re still here.” – Adam White

Preorder cassette here
Bandcamp preorder here
Stream the whole record here from Scene Point Blank

Buy the cassette bundle here

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