We’re taking our mailorder back over and have curated a killer distro

For the past year and a half Dirt Cult has been outsourcing our mailorder to our friends at Green Noise Records. Sadly, in Mach of this year, Green Noise announced that they would be closing their brick and mortar store in May, while still maintaining the mailorder site. This is, without a doubt, a huge loss for the Portland punk community. Green Noise was not only one of the best record stores in town, but had become, in recent years, a gathering space for the community by hosting free, all ages shows regularly.

Though we couldn’t have been more grateful for what Green Noise has done for Dirt Cult in our time partnering together, the closure of the brick and mortar got us thinking…what if we were to take control of mailorder operations AND develop a well curated distro. There’s just so much stuff coming out that we’re excited about, and we can’t release everything – but we can do our part to share some of it with you.

So we’ve (re)launched the webstore and hope you find some great stuff to add to your collection. We’ve also gotten just a little bit more tech savvy and have included embedded links to listen in the description! We’ll be adding to it regularly, and if there’s something that you’d like for us to stock, feel free to email us at dirtcultrecords@gmail.com and we’ll do what we can to get stock it. Take some time to look around because shipping is free for domestic orders over $50!

And thank you so much to Green Noise Records for their support of Dirt Cult. We wish them well in the future and would like to encourage all of you to continue to support them as they weather this change as well. In fact, they’ll likely still be stocking most if not all Dirt Cult releases, including limited, mailorder only color copies moving forward.

– Chris

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